Women, 51% of the population, get less than their fair share of representation in the art world– between 2007 and 2013 only 27% of solo shows in the U.S. featured a female artist. less than half is the website that covers those shows.

Laws of thermodynamics

Liz Collins at LMAK Gallery

More Women Artists

The Brain is Deeper than the sea

Charline von Heyl, a painter “without peers” in her generation, presents her newest body of painting at Petzel Gallery, in which she celebrates the endless potential embedded within the canvas and the manifold worlds they allow us to explore.

Face to Face with Alyson Denny

Introducing "Face to Face," a series of artist conversations from less than half. For the inaugural interview, we were face to face with light abstractionist Alyson Denny in the studio, where the conversation ranged from hair gel (as material!) to capital B Beauty.